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At Drona Learning Academy, our unique and uniform teaching methodology provides students to enable and develop knowledge and skills to appreciate, use and recognize the language, symbols and notations to pursue further studies and their application in real life situations.

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School Engagement Programme

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Need Career Guidance

Don’t know what to do after 10th or 12th , confused about which career is best suited for you?
This is where Drona Learning Academy provides help and guidance for your career
We help you make a informed and right decision as per your assessment.
Find out more about 3 step process we follow to identify your potential and career choice

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Our Virtual Classroom


Dr Jayanti Datta Co- founder

an experienced educator with career spanning over 16 + years.

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Dr Abhilasha Co- founder

a scientist with a passion for teaching.

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Hours of Live teaching

Since November'2017
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