About Us


About Us

Drona Learning Academy is an Online Learning and Teaching School started by two women entrepreneurs who are passionate about teaching. We want to bring about a change in the way of training the students across the country.

Our goal is to provide exceptional teaching methodology and make the students enjoy the process of learning and assist them to improve their academic grades.

We wish to facilitate our students to reach their potential and do the best they can, while learning on the way!

At Drona Learning Academy, we have come up with a unique method of teaching, different from the others. Our teaching makes the things simpler for the students. All our teachers will use the same method of teaching to students

We emphasize on understanding, diligence and self-realization as “the knowing oneself of the potential”.

We bring all our years of experience as a scientist, a teacher, an educationist, an author and we focus it all towards one thing; providing the best learning platform for our students.