Why Us


Why Us

At Drona Learning Academy, our unique and uniform teaching methodology provides students to enable and develop knowledge and skills to appreciate, use and recognize the language, symbols and notations to pursue further studies and their application in real life situations.

Our teaching is through online, live- interactive platform. which not only saves time to commute but also provides safety and comforts of your home. Our visual teaching methodology makes the learning more impactful which can be recorded and replayed.

Our experienced and passionate teachers make the subjects friendly, enhancing the thinking skills and encouraging students to practice regularly.

Our periodic assessment and feedback evaluates students’ inadequacies and provides guidance towards attaining perfection.

We are very selective in teacher hiring process and we are not aggregators of teachers.

As an enhancement to students career we have our specialized Psychometric assessment for career guidance. Our extensive research on such assessment, can help you find career which is best suited, according to your likes and strengths. You can use this facility to identify the career options and the suitable path.

At Drona Learning Academy, we aim that each student become proficient and assimilate knowledge and develop a spirit of competitiveness.

Fall in love with learning at Drona Learning Academy!